About us

Hello! Thank you for checking out LaLuna Oscura, if you are reading this you are probably wondering, who is LaLuna Oscura, where did it come from and why. I will try my best to explain. a little bit about myself and about what we aim to have here!


So, starting off my name is Sophie and I am passionate about making products to bring people joy and happiness, soppy I know but it is true.  For those who know me I have my own spiritual adventure called wxtchplease where I read tarot & do some mediumship which I have done all my life.  Before any readings I do and for any meditation, my way of zoning in is to use scents! Be that incense, candles, or even wax melts, it really brings my mind to a place of calm.  One day I came up with the idea of making wax melts to find the perfect scent for me, and well it has lead me here, to share these scents with you all! 

Each product has some relation too, tarot, crystals, even the elements.  My products are made with the intention of what they are named after, with positive energy attached to them, each package is then cleansed before being sent to you, to its new home and to bring you the energy or vibe that is perfect for you.  All my products are handmade by me, I put all my love and hard work into this, I source the highest quality ingredients and ensure my products are vegan and cruelty free. Our snapper shells, are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials.  


Why LaLuna Oscura and the meaning? It is based off my little black cat that we rescued called Luna but also a nod to past ancestors of whom were of hispanic heritage, and so she was born: the dark moon.